Thursday, December 21, 2006

for my team - our 4th winter in CV


Someplace else you'll find
the storybook children and puddings and trees
leaded windows and churchpathes and
tophat clerks.
Someplace else kings and pine log fires,
feast days and fealty, a chorus of
angels trudging after each
good page.
Someplace else city sidewalks are wrapped
in chintz and chisel frost,
a fiction of starlit snowfall
sparkling and tasteful as
Bing Crosby
skating past
on champagne ice.

here, small electric lights
run behind the radio
microwave hot chocolate
skeleton snow on the torn lawn
the boy at the door,
asking for an orange.

here is where we live
small and grim
and if I could
I would give you these defiant lights
each christmas
for all of our years.

Wendell Dryden

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