Monday, January 8, 2007

because I want to...

... and it's my own business (so don't judge me).

I was telling my friend about writing messages in French to the authors of blogs français. I can't speak or write French - as recently as five years ago I accepted instruction that taught me not one word. Yet, the third or fourth time I was struggling to say "I liked your blog very much", I realised, hey! this isn't so hard!

"Motivation" she said. She went on to describe her son, who reads well below grade level, sitting on the floor Christmas Day reading the instructions to each of his new toys. It didn't matter that the instructions were written at a level well (in theory) beyond his reach. The adults were busy, he wanted to get his stuff working, so he read. He read and then he constructed and applied and, as the French might say, voilà

Motivation. Yes. But also, I think, safety. No one to criticise. (I knew those bloggers would be too polite - or at least sympathetic - to make harsh remarks.) No tests beyond the tests of life. Does it work? Do they answer? Do I feel good?

Yes I do!

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Martine said...

Well, French, English, you seem pretty motivated to me Wendell.

Continue on your way and don't give up.