Saturday, January 6, 2007

'Hard Core'

That's what Alison calls doing Bookwagon in single-digit temperatures, a falling barometer, 40 klick winds and early January rain... "Doing hardcore".

"What are you guys doing out here on a day like today?" one dad asked. I asked him about the books we leave his son each week. "Yeah. They're really helping. His reading's getting better. He enjoys them. The main thing. I help with some of them. Read them to him." Then he pulled me aside to ask about joining an adult class. "You know, just to help the kids with their school stuff. Math and whatever. I've just been thinking about it." I told him that would be great, and I had space morning, afternoon and evening.

And that's how it happens. That's the way it works.
On somebody's doorstep in a cold January rain.
Community literacy.
Hard core.

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