Sunday, February 4, 2007

12,923 and Snow

So, as of yesterday our total count of books lent out - this includes children's and adult - has reached twelve thousand, nine hundred and twenty-three. We're just... um... seventy-seven books shy of 13,000!

Yesterday was snowy! The sidewalks were in their typical February state (no City Councillors live on these streets), and we plowed as much as dragged the wagon. I still think a Crazy-Carpet, carefully cut and attached, could solve our problems. Anyway, today I bought a short-handled shovel for us to carry on the wagon.

One woman (who also happened to be a mom) was borrowing books and expressed satisfaction at finding one she knew her two sons would also enjoy. She remarked that books in her house often hold three bookmarks - one for each on them. How's that for a definition of Family Literacy?

Oh, just by the by - here what the important people's streets looked like. Carefully plowed, sanded and salted. Even some bare concrete. I'm so pleased with how our city's being run. That $150,000 plus we pay our City Manager each year is money Well Spent.

(I think I'll just stop now.)