Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Boy Who Lived vs Junie B.

"And remember", she yelled. "As soon as you're done Harry Potter 7, it comes to me. Right?"

Right. Harry Potter is holding his own, with new readers all the time. (Most of them much younger than the mom who was yelling at me.) Of course, everyone knows there's a new movie coming out in a couple of weeks, besides the book that goes on sale at the end of July. Because the Potter books are big, and we need to have multiple copies, we put them in a box of their own - often near the top.

But this morning I was reminded again of the popularity of Junie B Jones. Both sexes, and a wide variety of ages, still borrow books from her series. The books are thin, and so share a box with Flat Stanley and Cap't Underpants. But we often carry and loan out more Junie B. than we do Harry P.

Junie B. is not universally popular, according to Wikipedia:
The books were challenged in a Lisbon, Wisconsin school district in 1999 when a parent voiced their objection to Junie B. calling characters "morons" and "stupid", stating that "the books model disrespect for parents and teachers". The challenge was not upheld and the books remained available to students in the school district. In 2006, the title Junie B Jones and Some Sneaky, Peaky Spying was challenged in the Wake County, North Carolina school district.

I expect Harry's had some school board troubles as well.

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