Monday, July 2, 2007

One for the Bean-Counters

I've been doing up our "Winter" stats for the bookwagon. I'm missing data for two trips, but this is what I do have. Between Sept. 16, 2006 and June 16 2007, we lent out 2,375 books. Of these, 1,837 were returned: that's 77% of the books, returned in a program without fines, fees or membership cards. There were 867 instances of children borrowing, and 73 instances of adults borrowing.

Since beginning (about 160 trips ago... and, again, I'm missing data from a half dozen trips), there have been 5,176 instances of kids borrowing and 464 instances of adults borrowing. Between them, they borrowed 14,185 books and returned 11,082 (78%).

We've also dragged the wagon about 575 kilometres. (More, actually, since we also use the wagon for storytent - small wonder we're on our second wagon and have gone through maybe 20 tires!)

I don't know if any of these numbers mean very much. I do know how and why the program matters to the families we serve, and to the larger community. But that usually involves stuff the bean-counters just can't seem to understand, so it's nice to have the numbers on hand.

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