Sunday, July 6, 2008

Year Six

After a month of uncertainty around funding and partnerships (a dark, discouraging time), we're up and running again with the Quality Storytents program, year six. We finished our fifth "winter" of bookwagon. I don't have all the numbers put together yet, but I expect to see the total books borrowed increase by another 3000 books.

Changes in the public housing neighbourhood have meant a reduction in users: the province is taking down about twenty buildings, relocating 70 or 80 families, in preparation for redesigning and rebuilding several courts.

Meanwhile, Cheryl and I have been writing (old school pen and paper, then off to the editor stuff) and working with another community group that wants us to help them create a static library for the community. They have also given us space to run an alternative adult literacy program.

As well, we've had the chance to offer two communities a storytent orientation. It looks like there will be storytent programs running in six other New Brunswick communities this summer.

All of which may go to explain, just a little, why there's been no posting here for awhile.


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